Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Someone Pointed Out

a post on Stephen Smuts's blog regarding what the Huffington Post piece that he links sees as the Catholic Church's attempt to deal with a shortage of priests by creating a US Ordinariate that would back-door married Anglican priests to relieve the shortage.

First, I'm not sure if Smuts understands about the Huffington Post's agenda: it is, of course, anti-Catholic and bitterly disappointed at the latest Pope's renewed assertions that the Catholic Church continues to be just what it is. The piece needs to be seen in that context: it feeds the notion that perfidious Jesuits are plotting to dupe yet more generations of believers by hypocritically allowing married priests sub rosa, but still condemning just about anything that's fun, for the priests or anyone else.

I think the reality of the situation is that the US Ordinariate is far too small, and in fact too poorly run, to make much of a long-term difference in a shortage of priests (although my understanding is that conventional Catholic vocations are up). It shares with "continuing Anglicanism" the problem that it is largely an abstract entity with few examples on the ground; Anglo-Catholicism of whatever color is a tough sell to the mainstream demographic, and except for the very small number of localities where an Ordinariate parish is an option for worship, Anglicans who want to become Catholic will need to go through the RCIA process and worship at a Roman parish, which, frankly, ain't so bad.

I continue to wonder what "Fr" Smuts's agenda really is here: he seems to play kissy-kissy with the idea of Ordinariates and the like, while being fully aware that such will not take place within thousands of miles of his shark-infested beaches, and perhaps even understanding in lucid moments that he wouldn't qualify for ordination as a real priest in either the Catholic Church or a US main line denomination. Catholic, Episcopal, whatever, it ain't Smuts. So he finds ways to be sorta-kinda snarky about everything but his own tiny, corrupt splinter group, without taking responsibility for it.

However, the comment section degenerates into a food-fight among the usual suspects, which may be the reason the thread was brought to my attention. All I can say is, folks, this is what I'm saving you from. My gratitude to priests like Fr Seraiah, and my sympathy.