Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So What's The Status?

The home page at St Mary of the Angels still lists The Rev Nicholas Taylor as the Curate, when every indication is that he left in February, and I've reported here that a potential candidate to replace him declined the job. I sent a message on the contact form at the Church of the Epiphany, the Arizona parish of the absentee "priest in charge", Frederick Rivers, asking about the status of clergy at St Mary's and any plans for masses during Holy Week, but so far, I haven't had a reply.

Naturally, this is when a parish would normally have its Holy Week schedule up on its web site. Not, so far, St Mary's.

In fact, Holy Week of 2012 was when the ACA began its takeover of St Mary of the Angels, so this has been dragging on for nearly a year. Once the ACA and the core angries were able to seize the physical building in May, their ability to retain clergy and hold mass there has been minimal. An Episcopal priest had been willing to say mass as long as the parish was (as the late Anthony Morello initially promised) still going into the Ordinariate; however, that changed, and that priest was dismissed.

Another ACA priest briefly supplied in June 2012, but was unwilling to continue on a long-term basis. The decision by Judge Jones in June 2012 dissolving the initial temporary restraining order in favor of the ACA led to the ACA locking the parish from then until December 2012. Nicholas Taylor was then a curate for barely two months, but now it looks as if, as a practical matter, they're back to effectively locking the place once again.

Fr Kelley continues to hold mass for faithful parishioners at a private residence.

If anyone has more information, I'll be most eager to hear it. However, the fact that the ACA appears to be at a loss to provide the sacraments to the remaining parishioners during Holy Week says several things:

  • The parishioners simply aren't the ACA's priority
  • The rump "vestry" and the core group of angries don't care that much about the sacraments anyhow
  • The issues are power and money, not anything remotely related to the Christian faith.
This is the sort of thing that Fr Kelley prevented from happening from 2007 to 2012. I think it says a lot about him.