Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Small Data Point

regarding the actual size of the "worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion": I'm told that Samuel Prakash, the current "Acting Primate" of the TAC, is, with his father (who I believe is John Prakash) engaged primarily in a legal maneuver to seize properties of the former Church of India (i.e., the Church of England branch in colonial India) that went to newly constituted pan-Protestant denominations in the years following independence. Their intention, according to the account I've heard, is simply to acquire the constructive use of the properties and live off their income, not to minister to any appreciable laity.

This, from a different source, would be consistent with the firsthand account I've heard from India that there is no actual TAC presence on the ground. It's also one more data point in the picture that's beginning to emerge for me that the TAC and the ACA are essentially bogus denominations.