Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hey, Does This Mean More Beer Breakfasts? Oh, Boy!

My regular correspondent reports on developments in Irvine, CA:
Blessed John Henry Newman, Irvine has redone its website once again and I was surprised to note a reference to The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. As you may recall, their previous activities consisted of beer breakfasts and whisky and cigars around the bonfire. However, the LoOG FB page has not been updated since 2016, and I assumed that it had been replaced by the Knights of Columbus Council, which meets at the Busch building at the same time as the Gianna Club. Seems like a more family-friendly set-up, with child care and a potluck meal before the groups meet. So who resurrected the LoOG?
Well, I think beer breakfasts are an example for other OCSP groups to follow, to build interest and participation. If it worked for Bluto and Otter at the Delta House, why can't it work for Fr Bartus and his protégés? In fact, I'm surprised Fr Phillips hasn't recommended it more generally.

I'm gonna ask our pastor why our parish can't have Saturday morning beer breakfasts!

UPDATE: A visitor replies,

Fr. Phillips did encourage such activities but it was wine not beer. I remember quite a scandal at The Atonement Academy that actually was covered by one (maybe more) local television newscasts when the wine from such events was stored in an unlocked refrigerator in the school. Any kid could get in and sneak some wine, and apparently some did or the news team would not have been investigating/reporting. It was a big kerfuffle.

And no, before you ask, this was not the wine reserved for sacramental purposes, that’s why the local press got involved. I know Catholics like to drink a bit but the readily accessible alcohol to minors seems to be a little more Anglicanish. Real Catholic Men’s Clubs and KoC’s ALWAYS have locks on their beer fridges ‘cuz they don’t want anybody stealing their stash.

Well, I knew Fr Phillips had it in him! When I talk to our pastor, I'll explain that if the fridge is locked, it'll be OK!