Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Tedious RouteTo Justice

The hearing on the disposition of the "related" Rector Wardens, and Vestry cases is scheduled for Friday, January 8. I plan to attend. As a lay observer, it seems to me that this hearing will at least move the process toward dismissing the "initial action", the case brought by Morello, Strawn, and the dissident central committee against Fr Kelley and the vestry in May 2012. Every judge who's looked at the specific allegations in this action has found them without merit, including Judge Jones, who acknowledged that in granting the temporary restraining order to the ACA, she had acted in error.

I'm hoping that this hearing will continue the process of chipping away the ACA's and the squatters' case. It's worth noting that late last year, "Bishop" Marsh took official notice of this blog, and it appears that there was a renewed effort to stop this blog through Catholic channels. (I'm especially grateful for this effort, since it got me off the dime of simply tolerating the liturgical and musical abuse at the Our Mother of Good Counsel parish and sent me to find a better mass and a different confessor.)

However, both these developments are a sign that the ACA and the squatters are getting nervous. Not that they'd actually try to settle the case on terms that might still carry some advantage for their position -- something's very odd there. At this point, with regular rental income either stopped or suspended, all they can rely on is the offertory from the dozen or so tightwads who attend services there, little more than spare change.

As I've calculated here, the money they have to be spending just to pay utilities and "Bishop" Owen Williams's housing allowance alone must exceed this by orders of magnitude, although we must also assume Lancaster & Anastasia LLP are not yet donating their services.

Where is this money coming from? My wife thinks there can be only two explanations for the squatter's continued holdout: either they have some agenda item they haven't yet accomplished, or they need to cover something up. Both of us think they can only delay the inevitable.