Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Well, As I Thought,

Someone corroborated my suspicions about prayer book revisions:
Back when I was still a Deacon (c. 1996), I went to a birthday party for a very elderly lady who was a long-time Continuer who was a parishioner at All Saints (FV). . . I'll never forget these words of "wisdom" she shared with me. . .

We were talking about Episcopal Church history. . . and she said "You know, it all started going downhill when they revised the Prayer Book. . ."

I agreed: "I know what you mean. . . there are so many problems with the 1979 Book. Sacramental. Language. I don't know how anybody could use it!"

She looked puzzled and said: "No. I meant when they changed to the 1928 Book!!"