Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Updated

Sunday's post to include some clarifying information from Michael Frost; I had misinterpreted information in some blog comments he had made, and he does not currently live in the Omaha area. However, his e-mails to me raise another question. He does appear to attend the eucharist at the breakaway "continuing Anglican" parish at St Aidan's Des Moines. He appears to recognize that, although he calls himself Antiochan Orthodox, the Orthodox churches do not view Protestant communion as something its communicants are eligible to receive:
Further, Orthodox Christianity does not permit its faithful to receive Holy Communion in non-Orthodox communities, whether they be Roman Catholic, Protestant, or whatever. Hence, while Roman Catholicism may extend Eucharistic hospitality to Orthodox Christians, it does not mean that Orthodox Christians are permitted to accept such hospitality.
Mr Frost has not said in his e-mails whether he actually receives the eucharist at St Aidan's, but if he does, I still question what's going on here. If he doesn't actually receive the eucharist, how does he deal with that problem? Wouldn't it be better to attend this Western Rite Orthodox parish in Des Moines?

UPDATE: So Mr Frost responded to the post:

Mr Bruce,

I was unpleastanly surprised to see you blogging specifically about little old me on your site. Why you'd care about me, an average layman, is beyond me. But if you really want to know something about me, why didn't you just ask? You have my e-mail.

Not that it is really any of your business and it is certainly not any real concern of your blog!. . .

Actually, I disagree, because I've been making a point here quite a bit about misplaced punctiliousness. It is the obligation of every Orthodox Christian to receive the eucharist frequently. Mr Frost has explained to me at considerable length how this or that particular Orthodox service or Orthodox priest (there appear to be three or four Orthodox parishes in Des Moines) doesn't suit him. So instead, he attends an Anglo-Catholic splinter-group parish, but doesn't receive the Sacrament. It sounds so far as though, despite his protestations, he isn't really Orthodox, or at least not a good one, in the sense that he doesn't seem to be meeting his obligation to receive the eucharist frequently in an Orthodox parish, but he certainly isn't an Anglo-Catholic, although he frequently opines on punctilious Anglo-Catholic issues, and he opines on me, on St Mary of the Angels, and on Fr Kelley, in the comment sections of various blogs.

I'm just saying this guy, based on the accounts he gives of himself, is strange, and even somewhat representative of the strange folks who do post on "Father" Smuts, Ms Gyapong, and elsewhere, in the matter of misplaced punctiliousness, or perhaps more simply characterized, hypocrisy. I'm picking on you, Mr Frost, because you've been picking on me, on St Mary of the Angels, and on Fr Kelley. That's my business.