Friday, May 25, 2018

More Information On Holy Martyrs Murrieta Trickles In

My regular correspondent reported,
Glowing Facebook review (presumably on the closed group) from a satisfied Holy Martyrs attendee: "Best church I've ever been to in this area" says someone who, as a Grand Knight of the KofC, has presumably been to a number. A shout out to someone else involved in getting HM started, who pops up giving a five star review to a Catholic school in Murrieta four years ago. So if Bp Barnes was concerned that this would involve poaching local parishioners I think his fears were well-founded.

Recently someone complained on the FB page that after seeing FB pix of the renovations he had googled to find out more but all he could find was a brief article about the takeover of the former gym which mentioned "Catholic" but said nothing about the Ordinariate. Presumably this is the article referred to. There is a link to the parish website in it, but that website differs little from the BJHN site.

The link is to an article in the on-line Temecula Valley Development newsletter, which is dated April 5, almost not coincidentally the same date as the letter from Bps Barnes and Lopes. It quotes an "official on site" -- presumably speaking for the contractor -- saying that the church will be adding a restroom and redoing the interior.

This says that a good deal of money was being spent, and work had begun, some time prior to the April 5 letter. Even so, publicity so far, nearly two months after the article, has been minimal. I think it's safe to say there's a lot we don't know, and we might speculate that we don't know it for a reason. I betcha Bp Barnes knows a lot of it, though.