Monday, March 12, 2018

Is Dcn Orr Back At Our Lady Of The Atonement?

A visitor referred me to a post from March 8 at the Atonement Online blog (which is Fr Phillips's project, not the parish's) with one photo showing Fr Philips and Dcn Orr on a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land. That's Dcn Orr standing rather cozily next to Fr Phillips, with the other pilgrims keeping a respectful distance.

Another visitor referred me to a post here from February 21 in which I refer to Orr being "banished" from the property. The visitor suggests this may be misleading, as in fact Orr has been seen attending mass at OLA whenever Fr Phillips celebrates it,

The pilgrimage itself, while conducted by Fr Phillips, does not seem to have been sanctioned by either the parish or the OCSP.

As reported here, Dcn Orr was forced into retirement well before the canonical age, and in early 2017 was reported by the Archdiocese of San Antonio to have been the subject of a credible complaint of child abuse.

His history with the parish includes reports by parents to Fr Phillips of Orr's violations of guidelines, including kissing adolescent boys on the mouth, which Fr Phillips discounted and apparently never discouraged, culminating in the archdiocese's report and the eventual banning of Dcn Orr from the OLA property -- but only after Fr Phillips's removal as pastor.

My regular correspondent notes,

Fr Phillips not a team player, but one who attracts loyal disciples. Presumably Mr Orr there from early days, fetching and carrying. Now he will in no way lose his reward, whatever deep flaws have been exposed and whatever higher-ups may think about it. I doubt there is any way of reining Fr Phillips in, at this point. He is financially independent, one assumes. It seems unlikely that he can be legally forced out of his house. Retracting his "Pastor Emeritus" status and banishing him from OLA would be tantamount to conceding that Abp G-S had it right, which seems a bridge too far for the OCSP. Apparently OLA donors are important. Does Bp Lopes want to poke the parish in the eye? No.
Another visitor notes,
I predict that if these sort of things continue (the press packages, the pilgrimages) that they will have to further limit his involvement in the parish. My gut tells me that once they feel that there will not be a factional revolt, he is gone.