Saturday, October 31, 2015

Decision Summary

I've been sent the summary wording of Judge Strobel's decision, from p 18:
Following the directions of the Court of Appeal to resolve the question of the validity of the August 2012 vote, the court finds the proposal to amend the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws of St Mary['s] of the Angels Parish in Hollywood to disaffiliate itself from the Anglican Church in America was approved by a 2/3 majority and thus is effective. Based on the stipulation of the parties that the other elements of Plaintiff's cause of action for forcible detainer are deemed proven, the court finds in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendants on the cause of action for forcible detainer.

dated 10/26/15 Hon. Mary H. Strobel, Judge of The Los Angeles Superior Court

The stipulation, of course, was the result of Mr Lengyel-Leahu's tactical win on the second day of the trial. There are, as I understand it, procedural moves to be made between now and November 17, when it is anticipated that, God willing, the judge will sign an order for the squatters to vacate the premises, after which the sheriff will deliver the order, upon which the squatters will have five days to vacate.

Although if I were "Bishop" Owen Williams, since he's the local ACA honcho and the one most reachable under the law, I'd be headed as far away from the state as I could get, much sooner. However, as of today, the pariah website, under control of the squatters, contains no announcement.