Wednesday, December 3, 2014

John Bruce Gets Results!

Following my observation Monday that the St Mary's calendar hadn't been updated, someone has in fact updated it: December 8 is now The Conception of the Blessed [sic]! It must have been updated by the same guy who put in the Exultation of the Holy Cross a couple months ago. (Hint: if the app won't let you add all the words, why not just call it "Immaculate Conception"?)

Either this is Williams, who, if this is he, appears to be an ignorant yahoo, or a new volunteer yahoo -- the former ignorant yahoo who couldn't spell, as far as I know, left the parish in a huff last year. Someone should maybe clue in Mrs Bush, or Williams (if he's not the yahoo here), that some yahoo is updating the parish calendar.

John Bruce gets results!